Car insurance, how does it work?

Car insurance, how does it work
Car insurance, how does it work

Do you own a car, motorcycle or other land motor vehicle in circulation? You then have the legal obligation to insure your vehicle to make it run. But what are the different categories of car / vehicle insurance? Are you covered for all risks? We will explain everything to you.

Insurance is compulsory to operate a motorized vehicle
Just as you must have your driving license to drive a car, insuring your vehicle is a legal obligation, the defect of which represents a criminal offense punishable by a fine of up to € 3,750, possibly accompanied by a suspension of driving license for three years, or confiscation of the vehicle and other additional penalties such as the obligation to complete, at your expense, a road safety awareness course.

This obligation applies to “any land motor vehicle, that is to say any self-propelled vehicle intended to travel on the ground and which can be actuated by mechanical force without being linked to a railway track, as well as any trailer , even when not coupled.

More concretely, insurance is compulsory, in particular for:

  • cars (private, utility or unlicensed), tractors and agricultural machinery
    – 2 or 3 wheels (motorcycles or scooters) and quads, even non-approved (like mini motorcycles for example)
  • self-propelled mowers with a seat that allows the driver to maneuver the machine

Which vehicle insurance to choose ?
Compulsory liability insurance (so-called “third party” insurance)
Compulsory or so-called “third party” insurance covers the civil liability of the insured and his children for damage caused to a third party while driving or parking the vehicle. More specifically compulsory insurance :

covers damage (material, immaterial and bodily) that the driver may cause with his vehicle to other people (third parties) as well as to their vehicle or any other property
it does not cover bodily injury or material damage caused to the driver himself or to his relatives. If you are responsible for the accident, the reimbursement of costs is your responsibility. On the other hand, if a third party is responsible, the damage is chargeable to his insurance

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