Did you know : a spider can survive for a long time in a vacuum cleaner, and even can come out !


Spiders can survive much longer in a vacuum cleaner than you think

Few people really like to clean, but it is one of the indispensable household tasks to overcome. After all, one can then enjoy having a beautiful and clean home.

Although few people admit it, many of us have vacuumed one or more spiders while cleaning our house.

Many of us probably think that after vacuuming these spiders, they would not come back to “haunt” the house again. But this is not the case.

Because even though you may not be able to see the spider anymore, it still survives the wild aspiration that leads into the vacuum cleaner, it can even live there for a while. And even long enough actually.

A science magazine says spiders “can easily survive for weeks in a vacuum cleaner”, but they will also do anything to escape the vacuum bag.

Spiders usually have poor eyesight, but can distinguish darkness from light. If they see the light coming from the tip of the vacuum cleaner, she will try to follow it, says spider expert Kasja Mellbrand.

The science magazine also writes that well-fed spiders can effectively reduce their metabolism and can survive in a vacuum bag without food for 200 days

But there is no need to panic. If you are afraid of spiders, you should not worry too much about this information. Because Femina magazine speaks of a study that shows that spiders die in most cases when they are sucked.

Even Kajsa Mellbrand, spider specialist entomologist, says the same thing.

They can survive for several days in a vacuum bag, but the suction itself can kill them. They are very fragile and die easily, she says, according to Leva & Bo.

Were you aware of that? In any case, it’s good to keep it in mind the next time you vacuum!


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