Did you know that chocolate contains a lot of pieces of dead cockroaches ?


For chocolate lovers, the famous “chocolatiers”, an unappetizing conclusion from the US Food and Drug Administration, can take away the desire of many people.

A candy bar can have approximately eight cockroach particles. That’s right, cockroaches! This insect is so disgusting and disgusting that many people are terrified of just getting close.

Contamination, contrary to what it may seem, does not occur at the time of manufacture, but in the storage and logistics processes of chocolate.

The information was published by an ABCNews report, passed on by Abril’s Super Interessante magazine.

Studies have also concluded that, most likely, some symptoms of chocolate consumption, such as itching and irritation, are the result of these cockroach fragments that eventually add to the candy.

Although acceptable, there is a limit to the amount of cockroaches in chocolate. For every 100 grams of the product, a maximum level of 60 insect pieces is established.

For those who feel uncomfortable with this news, intending to completely exclude chocolate from their lives, uninspiring information was passed by US allergist Morton M. Teich to the portal.

According to him, virtually all foods are subject to contamination, albeit at acceptable levels, of insects such as fruit and cheese.

Given this, for those seeking to get rid of any kind of insect remnants in their food, there would only be one way out: stop eating, which will surely lead to death!


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