Did you know that you should warn your cat whenever you leave the house ?


if you don’t know yet – I say that because I’ve already written two hundred thousand articles about – I have two beautiful cats under my tutelage and recently made a discovery that I need to share. Did you know that you should warn your cat whenever you leave the house?

I always had the habit of telling them where I am going and how long I will take away on average, but in my mind this was just a custom I had for myself after all… They are hot, they don’t understand what I say. My mistake. Studies show that cats do understand what we humans said. When we simply disappear from home without ‘satisfying’, they often feel abandoned. That’s right, abandoned.

Never noticed that disapproving look when you come home after a long time away without warning you would leave?
Or that bad creation? And the shrill meows?
These are all ways of demonstrating the immense dissatisfaction your pussy felt for the time she was agonizing over thinking she was abandoned by the owner she loves so much.
  This is one of the things that irritates a cat the most, so it costs nothing to say goodbye and talk a little about your plans.

How to prevent the cat from feeling abandoned

Just go to the pussy environment, make a cuddle and tell him your plans. Say how long you want to be away, say you will be back soon, and mention that he can be calm as he has enough water and food to survive until his return. It may sound silly and stupid, but this will soothe your friend’s fragile little heart and make you feel much happier and more comfortable.

Do you already have the habit of saying goodbye to your kitten? Will you start doing it? comment


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